Voice of the Jewish News: Louise Ellman’s legacy, and Irony 1, Spurs 0

Dame Louise Ellman facing no confidence vote on eve of Yom Kippur

 Ellman’s legacy 

Search for the term ‘public servant’ in the dictionary and the name Louise Ellman ought to appear at the very top of the page. An MP in Liverpool for more than two decades, ex- chair of a Commons select committee, former leader of Lancashire Council, its little wonder her announcement to step away from Labour after 55 years has sparked an outpouring of affection and admiration. But if her record is something to marvel at, the fact she has done all this while being that rare beast in Westminster – someone no one has a bad word to say about – is perhaps just as noteworthy. No one, that is, apart from those on and offline who blighted her final few years in the party. It’s no surprise she continues to agonise over the decision to step away from her political home, but the reaction underlines why so many Jews have had little choice but to conclude enough is enough.


Irony 1, Spurs 0

It’s been two months since Tottenham Hotspur’s consultation with fans over their use of the word Yid concluded, so this week Jewish News thought it would send the club an email to find out when the results might be made public. Our email, entitled ‘Yid consulatation’, immediately bounced back. The reason? It “contained profanity”.

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