UK Labour Parliament member quits amid anti-Semitism in party

UK Labour Parliament member quits amid anti-Semitism in party


British Labour Party member John Mann announced on Saturday his resignation from Parliament amid the anti-Semitism in the party led by Jeremy Corbyn.

John Mann, who had been a Labour lawmaker since 2001, said that while he isn’t leaving the party, he will fight anti-Semitism in and outside Labour.

“It’s my party. I want to see Corbyn resign from the leadership. And I want all the anti-Semites out,” he told the London-based Jewish Chronicle. “But I’m not resigning. Absolutely not. I will carry on this fight from within.”

Mann, 59, who served as the head of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Anti-Semitism, will remain as a government adviser on anti-Semitism, a position he was named to by Theresa May in one of her final acts as prime minister of the United Kingdom.

“I’m not retiring, far from it,” he was reported as saying. “The role will allow me to devote 95 per cent of my life to fighting the war against antisemitism, rather than the five per cent I was able to devote while working as an MP.”

Mann also told The Jewish Chronicle that he will be giving a speech at Finchley United Synagogue: Kinloss in North London in the coming days as part of his “intention to get around the Jewish community.”

“My immediate priority is carrying out a series of interviews with Jewish teenagers,” he added. “I want to hear their view on life in Britain and how they see their futures here.”

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