‘They want daddy home’: Family appeals for help in tracing missing father-of-two

'They want daddy home': Family appeals for help in tracing missing father-of-two


The family of a father-of-two who has been missing since Monday night has appealed for help in finding him.

Jeremy Rabinovitch, 42, from Elstree, was last seen by his wife, Amanda, in the late hours of Monday.

She said that he left the family home in the middle of the night using a side door and did not leave a note.

Mrs Rabinovitch is particularly concerned for her husband’s welfare, as he has suffered post-traumatic stress disorder since the stillbirth of their child in 2012.

His family reported him missing early on Tuesday and police were initially able to trace his phone to the Uxbridge area, but the signal is no longer detectable, either because the phone been switched off or the battery has died.

Speaking to Jewish News, Mrs Rabinovitch, who has a son aged six and an 11-year old daughter, said: “He needs to seek help, but I think he’s scared to. There’s no note. He’s just gone.

“We all just want him home. My children are just beside themselves. They are desperate wanting daddy home.”

His concerned wife has spent the day visiting Uxbridge with friends to hand out fliers.

“We’ve been talking to people in libraries and coffee shops to see if anyone has seen him, but so far no-one has. He could be anywhere.”

The family of Jeremy Rabinovitz are concerned for his welfare, after he left his Elstree home in the early hours of Tuesday morning

Mr Rabinovitch, who is a member of The Liberal Synagogue, Elstree, has family links to Southend and Essex, and also spent time in Glasgow with Maccabi.

His brother-in-law Ronnie King added that Mr Rabinovitch had gone missing previously in 2015, but only for a few hours.

He said: “We don’t know what to expect. It’s really stressful. We are doing what we can.

“We just want him to get help and my sister is willing to help him get the help that he needs. We just need to know he’s safe.

“We just want him to come home. Everyone is worried.”

Anyone who sees Jeremy is asked to call Ronnie on 07595956936 or Sarah on 07921852182.


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