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Messianic Israelis Persecuted for their Faith

Messianic Israelis Persecuted for their Faith

By Jana Bennun

Messianic Jews in Israel are under tremendous persecution and being harassed by governmental and religious authorities, they are now in danger of losing their citizenship Under a new Jewish National law. Israel does not care that they are Jewish, even though they believe Yeshua as a Messiah, according to Sanhedrin (which is gaining more and more power over the people lives in Israel with the help of the Likud party) they don’t deserve to live in Israel.

Democracy is only an illusion in Israel

Christians who support the state of Israel are aiding this persecution of our brothers and sisters in Israel  because the government under Benjamin Netanyahu leadership is getting unconditional support by evangelicals no matter how our brothers and sisters in faith are treated.
Remember I told you that Israel is led by Talmud law, and democracy is only an illusion in Israel.
It is extremely hypocritical of Israeli government to accept unconditional support of American Christians in many aspects especially unconditional financial support and call everyone who exposes its evils ”antisemitic“ yet  Jewish Christians in Israel are treated with contempt, hatred, inequality and persecute them by various means such as banning messianic marriages.
You don’t believe me? Steve and I went through persecution there ourselves, but ask Zev Porat – Jewish believer in Yeshua – and he will tell you the extent of persecution by Sanhedrin in Israel. 

Unfortunately American pastors still lead American Christians to believe we are to unconditionally and without any question support the Likud party as if it was appointed by God Himself to run the State of Israel! All the while Israeli authorities are persecuting our own – those Israeli Believers in Yeshua! We should make a stand for our Israeli Brothers and Sisters that are being persecuted for the sake of Christ  by withdrawing unconditional support from such a Jesuit controlled political entity that claims to be a democracy when in fact it is not.

We must Remember the Talmud is not Torah , never was and never will be. 

Many of you believe the Quran to be an evil work – yet try to read Talmud and see if you can stomach it!
The core doctrine of the Talmud is a hatred of Christians and Christ, as well as detailed descriptions of how to kill them!
Yet the Christian community supports blindly the political entity that makes the Sanhedrin stronger by day! Remember the Sanhedrin had Jesus Christ condemned to the hands of the Roman authority for public execution! And they are now with PM Netanyahu’s blessing persecuting Israeli believers. 

We must remember that Jesus/Yeshua Himself said that Jerusalem would be trodden down by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles would be full and as well the Apostle Paul stated that The House of Judah would be blind until the Gentiles be full. So this tells us the Israeli Government is controlled by a Gentile/Jesuit entity. My husband often states the Laodaceans of Revelation is much like the Evangelicals of today “…Blind Naked and don’t know it…” So if the blind lead the blind they both fall into the ditch.

Wake up folks. 

Love the Land of the Great King and the people, but shun the political beast system that is raising up there.
It has been reported that Benjamin Netanyahu once said that ‘Christians are useful idiots’. As well, There has been evidence that suggest Benjamin Netanyahu is a Freemason and it is a fact that he is making pushing for the Talmud to be the law of Israel.


The United States does not discriminate against the Jews living in America who claim that their religion is Judaism , even though our Land was founded upon Christian principles. We allow Jewish weddings, we do not threaten to revoke their citizenship. Thus far we are nation built on freedom of religion which allows Jewish people to practice their faith in freedom without fear of government intervention.   If the Israeli Government gladly accepts millions if not billions of our tax dollars for the support of its country, and if our military is getting prepped to be commanded by Israeli military commanders and even die for Israeli interests, why cant we, United States Christians demand that our Jewish Messianic brothers and sisters in the State of Israel be treated with the same courtesy and respect?

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