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WATCH LIVE: The U.S. battles for Israel at the U.N. – Arab-Israeli Conflict

WATCH LIVE: The U.S. battles for Israel at the U.N.

The voting results are displayed on the floor of the United Nations General Assembly in which the United States declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was declared “null and void” on December 21, 2017 in New York City..

The United States is pulling out all the stops to battle on behalf of Israel at the Untied Nations General Assembly on Wednesday afternoon over Gaza violence.

Pro-Palestinian forces have an automatic majority at the UNGA and the United States has no veto power, but the US has asked the body to condemn Hamas violence against Israel.

If the UNGA were to support the US against Hamas, it would mark the first time it has issued such a condemnation.

Some diplomatic pundits have cautioned that the move could back fire, because if the request is denied, it could give the impression that the US is isolated in the international arena.

The US has asked for the commendation to be considered as an amendment to a resolution put forward by Algeria, Turkey and the Palestinian Authority.

That resolution calls for a UN protection force for Palestinians in east Jerusalem, the West Bank and along the Gaza border.

The PA turned to the UNGA after the UN Security Council rejected a similar text two weeks ago.

This resolution calls on UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to submit a written report within 60 days with recommendation on how to ensure the safety of the Palestinian population “under Israeli occupation” including “recommendations regarding an international protection mechanism.”

The PA has called for the session through a mechanism called the Uniting for Peace Resolution, designed in the Cold War era to circumvent UNSC veto by the former Soviet Union.

There are those who contend that the resolution gives the UNGA the ability to act in cases where the UNSC is deadlocked.

The UN has rejected that interpretation, arguing it does not grant such power to the UNGA.

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