Israel to reprimand Turkish envoy over treatment of Israeli ambassador – Arab-Israeli Conflict

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Israel to reprimand Turkish envoy over treatment of Israeli ambassador

A Turkish flag flutters atop the Turkish embassy as an Israeli flag is seen nearby, in Tel Aviv, Israel June 26, 2016.
(photo credit: REUTERS/BAZ RATNER)

In a rare move, Israel’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday invited the press to film the arrival this afternoon of the Deputy Turkish Ambassador to Israel to reprimand him over what Israel views as Turkey’s public humiliation of its ambassador Eitan Na’eh when he left the country this morning.

Naeh, in front of whirling Turkish media cameras, was subjected to an intensive security check including being forced to take off his shoes.

The deputy ambassador, Umut Deniv, will be reprimanded for inappropriate treatment.

This recent development follows the continuing diplomatic rift between the countries following Monday’s events in Gaza.

Israel asked Turkey’s consul-general in Jerusalem on Tuesday afternoon to temporarily leave the country, in a tit-for-tat response to Ankara’s request a few hours earlier for Israel’s Ambassador Eitan Na’eh to “temporarily” leave Turkey.

Ankara already recalled its ambassador for consultations on Monday.

On Tuesday night, Turkey requested that the Israeli consul-general in Istanbul, Yossi Levi Safri, to return to Israel “for some time.”

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