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moving to israel week 34

Moving to Israel: Week 34

My sister, the footy player

Only moments after I posted last week, Steph sent me this photo:

She is the fifth girl from the left.

Some time last year, she mentioned how playing footy was on her mind.

I highly encouraged her to do it, and she did.

The Bundoora Bulls women won their first game against St Mary’s (which happened to be my first footy club).

I am extremely proud of her and wish I was in Melbourne to see her play.

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Israel came to a standstill at 10 a.m. on Thursday as sirens wailed throughout the country in memory of the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis during World War II.

Buses and cars halted on streets and highways as Israelis stepped out of their vehicles and stood with heads bowed.

The sirens were followed by ceremonies marking Holocaust Remembrance Day in schools, public institutions and army bases.

It is without a doubt the most chilling experience I’ve been around.

The entire nation stops at the same time, irrespective of where they are, to stand in silence and think about the tragedy that was the holocaust.

It has become a subconscious mission of mine to make sure that everyone I know stops thinking negatively about Israel and the Jewish people.

Unfortunately I grew up in an environment where anti-semitic comments and remarks were often made.

Some of my best friends would say things that seemed funny at the time, but looking back now, I realise how irresponsible such comments can be.

The Jewish community have been nothing short of remarkable for my life, in creating opportunities that will be invaluable.

Please take the next minutes of your life to watch this video

Then spend 10–15 minutes watching a few others.

Think about your grandparents and empathise with how you’d feel if yours were murdered in such a way.

Next week, I’ll be writing from Istanbul.

Thank you for reading!

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For those who have followed my journey from the beginning, you are greatly appreciated.

Last year I lived in China for 4 months while I taught English.

I tracked my journey every week and produced my very first book.

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