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israel jewish tours experiencing modern jewish life in israel

Israel Jewish Tours- Experiencing Modern Jewish Life in Israel

For people of Jewish descent, a visit to Israel is much more than just a vacation- it is a trip back home and a chance to pay pilgrimage to the land where their ancestors once walked during their stay on earth. Thus the Israel Jewish tours give you a chance to get in touch with your roots and see the places where it all began. But, in order to be truly in touch with your people, it is just as essential to familiarize with the lives of the people that actually live there now as it is to find out about those who came before them. Most of the typical Jewish heritage tours only focus on things like synagogue tours which have a more historical and religious bearing but they fail to take into account the fact that some of the Jewish visitors may also be interested in finding out how their brothers live right now, today.

Israel is a land of many contradictions, with modernity and tradition existing side by side. The best way to experience the modern Jewish way of life is by going on Israel day tours. These are special tours that set out daily and which are designed to cover the major landmarks and destinations of the country. Of course, it is not practical to visit all the modern destinations and buildings that define the present Jewish way of life but there are some that are definitely must-see’s. They include the following.

Independence Hall- Located in Tel Aviv, the country’s capital, the Independence Hall is significant to all people of Jewish heritage as it is the place where the independence of Israel was declared by the Zionist leadership in the year 1948.

Mount Herzl- aside from its scenic beauty Mount Herzl is of important significance to the Jewish people as it is at this location that most of the early leaders of the state were buried. It is located in Jerusalem, just a few minutes away from the town center. In addition, you can also visit the Negev and get to see the home and the place where one of the great leaders, David Ben Gurion lived and was buried. While you are at it, you can spend some time visiting the memorials of fallen soldiers and visiting the military bases to interact with the country’s soldiers of the day.

Bedouin encampments and Druze villages- these are the places to visit if you want to get a first-hand experience of the lives of some of Israel’s minorities.

The Supreme Court and Knesset

The Carmel Market- located at the heart of Tel Aviv, this is one of the busiest markets in the country and you can visit it to try your skills at bargaining as you watch hundreds of hawkers try to entice buyers and taunt one another under the blazing midday sun. This is also a chance to get your hands on some items that you will probably not find being sold anywhere else in the world.

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