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mr pence are jews to be or not to be

Mr. Pence, Are Jews To Be Or Not To Be?


Is the idea of the end of Jews still alive and well?

History has proven many times that religious disagreements can turn to violence very quickly. One particular religious aspect of human life on Earth comes to mind — the existence of Jews.

Léon Poliakov – Wikipedia

These people have been persecuted and hated, probably, for more than two thousand years. World War II brought on the worst of it yet with Hitler at the helm.

Still, the hatred has not subsided. Today, there is denial of Holocaust all over the planet.

Mike Pence doesn’t need to be a “Hitler” per se, yet people might start drawing parallels to Hitler anyway, I believe.

And such comparisons may not be entirely without merit if Pence’s like-minded followers decide to wage a “holy war” with or without Pence’s express endoresement.

At this point in time, I don’t think there are any grounds for direct comparison of Mike Pence to Hitler (or Trump to Hitler, for that matter).

However, should the Jews put up resistance to Pence’s Evangelical Christian agenda in Israel, the tensions might escalate very quickly.

The Holy Reich

In his book, Professor Richard Steigmann-Gall explores the Christian connection between the Nazis and the religion. On page 60, he mentions Hitler’s speech in Passau. Adolf Hitler gave this particular speech on October 27, 1928. Professor Steigman-Gall presents an excerpt where Hitler says: “…our movement is Christian…”

The Holy Reich By Richard Steigmann-Gall, p. 60

One of Hitler’s ideas, in particular, was known as the “Final Solution,” which had to do with the destruction of the Jews.

I want to believe that most of the world does not, not yet at least, actually believe any of Hitler’s or the Nazi party’s past words and actions to be Christian. Hitler and his followers were highly organized terrorists and mass murderers. If it were a similar modern-day Islamic “movement,” we would instantly label it as a religious highjacking, I am sure.

Recently, when Pence visited Israel, a number of Jews expressed concern. Being of Evangelical Christian faith, Pence’s declaration of support for Jews, they claimed, was disingenuous. Why might it be?

Evangelicals hope to hasten the gathering of all Jews in the Holy Land along with their conversion to Christianity. These are believed to be the prerequisites for Christ’s return. Conversion worries some Jews because of the possibility of violence against them if they refuse to give up their faith.

I suspect these particular individuals feel it makes no difference what has the potential to kill them — Hitler’s ”movement” or Pence’s religious conviction. These people are, likely, just as threatened by the latter as they were by the former.

Those Jews who welcomed Mike Pence must have thought something about the survival of their own future generations as Jews in the world. After all, they haven’t said they were prepared to accept the Christian faith.

Jenna Johnson writes for the Washington Post:

”…Parts of Jerusalem were decorated with Israeli and American flags, and billboards proclaiming: ’Welcome Vice President Pence! You are a true friend of Zion!’…”

That makes me wonder if, in light of Pence’s Evangelical ambitions, the survival of Judaism is a we-will-cross-that-bridge-when-we-get-to-it kind of priority. If not then these Jews must be blind.

The Bible refers to Jews’ conversion to Christianity in several verses. Probably, the more widely known is Romans 11:25–26. Some believe Jews will convert voluntarily, others think Jews must be proselytized, and, still, others insist on leaving the Jews in God’s hands. Regardless, the Jews are expected to either convert or, presumably, perish.

However, it seems to me highly unlikely that such a conversion will happen given the history of Judaism.

What the Bible means has often been what some people wanted it to be. Biblical interpretations were wrong before.

One of the popular understandings of Romans 11:25–26 includes the following:

“In our generation, Israel has been a nation for over 50 years, and they are as adamant about their opposition to Christ as the Messiah as they were at any time in their history. There has been no change, and there will be no change … God does not have a future plan for national Israel; that idea is not found anywhere in the Bible…”

God has no place for Jews is what that means, I think. That’s a grim and cold conclusion. It is also what Mike Pence believes, I surmise.

Conversion must be a hard pill to swallow for Jews who lost 6 million of their own during the Holocaust, plus countless more during the Spanish Inquisition, plus countless more during the crusades, in the former Soviet Union, and around the world — most of it at the hands of Christians. It inspires no confidence in Christianity as a whole, from what I gather.

The Jews — whose memories of Hitler’s World War II atrocities against them are still a source of great pain — view Mike Pence and Evangelical agenda as yet another ”Christian” monster in the making.

To some, the message of support is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

There are suggestions that Pence’s actions are heavily influenced by his Evangelical beliefs. A cursory look through his Wikipedia page is convincing enough.

“…Pence is described as being staunchly conservative on fiscal and social issues, with his political views strongly shaped by his Christian faith…”

Mike Pence may only be genuinely concerned with the Jews being corralled as a stepping stone to Christ’s return. He is not interested in the preservation of Judaism.

I can only hope that the Jews and Pence can work out a mutually agreeable solution where the Jews can continue to live in peace and free as Jews.

My great-grandparents were gunned down by the Nazis. These were the Nazis in pursuit of their ”Christian” ideals.

Mike Pence may be a docile, soft spoken individual, but his position in the society and his beliefs may inspire a genocide. There are different kinds of ”Hitlers” in the world. They don’t all have to be like the original. It’s the result that matters.

Pence used to be a Democrat. His views took a 180 degree turn when he became a born-again Christian in college. Many of Pence’s legislative initiatinves in Indiana have been criticized nationwide. He’s become a man of narrow view that excludes swaths of people in a way that is eerily similar to what Nazis once professed.

This radical change in Mike Pence’s mind could be an indication of his susceptibility to being influenced. If true, the man could be extremely dangerous.

Mike Pence used the word “faith” throughout his speech in Israel, and he was not referring to Judaism.

One set of basic questions always remains the same should people’s lives be at stake — who dies, who lives, who decides, and why.

Leaving those questions to God is akin to absolving ourselves of responsibility for our own actions. Only we can answer those questions. We are not God’s tools. We have brains for a reason. We are obligated to use our brains for the good of all. That means compromise. Sadly, hardcore Evangelicals in America don’t seem to think so, and many of these people already showed their true colors what with the Nazi flags and all.

A book of stories called ”Bible” is oil into the fire of the fanatical minds.

That is why I think all hell may break loose if Pence decides to push hard for Evangelical agenda in Israel.

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