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What Israeli Airport Security Can Teach the World

  • This article is really important it help to understand how is the situation of Israel. The article explains how safety has come to be at a certain point, a pretty good precaution way and it changes a bit the way you see Israel as a place where you need to be careful.

Is Israel Safe for Travel?

  • This article has quite good information, mentions how it is that being a country with conflicts, it is still a place to visit, but taking the appropriate care measures, and being alert at all times, it becomes an incredible experience.

  • This article explains how the government of Israel tries to have control and know how to act over the Coup d’état . They mention certain groups like ISIS, Iran. He also mentions how, despite the years, things remain the same.

What are Israel and Palestine? Why are they fighting?

  • This article explain the beginning of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. This conflict begging in the 20th century and there are fighting for territory.

How did Israel become a country in the first place?

  • In the same webpage, I find an article about, why Israel is Israel, they defeated the Palestinian forces in 1948. The UN divide the country for the Palestinians and Israelis but Palestinians want that land so they keep fighting.

  • Since I am talking about technology, I investigate about the technological advances that they have, some are pretty impressive. They really contribute the world. In aspects of technology they are very good ranked.

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