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Ciencias y Tecnología del siglo XIX

Logistics and production


First Solution: Set more public alarms, especially in areas with less economic resources, to notice possible future attacks from the enemies. This is with the purpose of keeping people aware of their situation so they can start the security procedures to stay safe. Using the right logistics to let them know about the procedures for the use of shelters, people will be prepared on how to respond to alarms by letting them.

Second Solution:Most of the bomb shelters that were constructed in the early days of the state have fallen into a bad state of disrepair and they lack basic features. So, one of our solutions is to renovate Israel’s already existent public bomb shelters, especially those who are near the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

Those bomb shelters need:

  • Reinforced walls
  • New electrical systems and ventilation
  • New washroom facilities
  • More space to shelter people

Third Solution: Start by changing the way people are being educated, start changing the problem from the root. Public security is the issue, and Israel has been living in war since the mid-20th century: the end looks like it’s not coming any time soon.

Education could change little by little by introducing children to the idea that diplomatic solutions DO WORK, and also to give them valid arguments and reasons of why violence is not the solution for everything since very early stages of their lives.

This could take the longest, but, since several solutions have been already tested and failed, we believe it’s worth the shot.

Fourth Solution: The Israel Police implements a program called the Prevention Strategies and Management (PSM). This program is focused in the citizens’ problems and community activity, covering differents aspects like public security, order and combating crime.

Solution: A professional police that is qualified to combat future problems. This program can be explained more deeply in new integrants of the Israel Police. We can create a PSM basic course for children to create awareness and remove the fear of seeing these policemen daily.


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