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isaac and ishmael avoiding false dilemmas

Isaac and Ishmael: Avoiding False Dilemmas

What if I Told You the following two propositions are perfectly consistent and compatible?

  1. Many Palestinians DO have legitimate grievances, and should be listened to; their pain should count for something.
  2. Trying to systematically undermine and weaken the nation and state of Israel, in order to bring about some cataclysmic ‘final confrontation,’ is disgusting, low and barbaric behaviour.

There is ZERO contradiction between these two sentences.

What’s the problem?

Surely it is possible to acknowledge that both of these are true?

Is the conflict really that black and white.

WHAT THE HELL are you all afraid of?

What are you afraid of?

There are no winners in this conflict.

Many voices exist, and many among the many are legitimate.

Israel is a reality, and has to be reckoned with.

Palestinians are a reality, and have to be reckoned with.

Is it really so terrifying to admit that there is wrong on both sides, and also a great deal of right?

Have compassion on yourself first, if not on others.

This is sacred ground.

Don’t rant and rave and piss all over it, before you’ve listened to your neighbour.

Mercy and justice are confiscated from the idle gardener; but they are credited unto the diligent labour as his righteousness, and as the abundance of her joy.

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